Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tool # 9

Technology is everywhere. Students even text each other when they are in the same room. Students today are very used to learning new technology every day. They will buy a different phone and have to learn the new operating system. Technology "is what they do." Incorporating technology to the curriculum is the obvious course to take. It will not only make use of their current skills and hopefully teach them new technology skills. Technology is not going to become less important in the future.
Students should be held accountable for the technology centers which are located in the classroom to promote a sense of responsibility for the equipment. They must understand that equipment that is well taken care of can be useful for longer periods of time. They should also understand that if a work area is not clean when they leave; there is no reason for the person before them to insure that the equipment is serviceable. Eventually when they enter the workplace, it will be easier to create a more comfortable working environment.
Boy! There are a lot of web sites out there that have a variety of interactive lessons. PhET has many interactive applications that are very specific to chemistry. There is one application which deals specifically on solutions and concentration of solutions. Another application demonstrate the different molecular structures which molecules can have. Both of these could be used in a classroom to have students  explore different aspects of chemistry. Thinkfinity offers a wide variety of interactive sites for chemistry. Both of these sites could be very useful to create a "thinking section." In one part of the room students can gather information on a specific topic; then can apply some of this information in the application station.
There a couple of applications for the iPad that look promising. The Discovery Channel has an application for the iPad which can show a variety of videos. This application could be used in a station in the lab where student gather the information. After gathering information, students must some how record all of this data. All their data could be condensed into a series of flash cards, which can be created using gFlash.

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